Have a Long Break from Runescape in the Past

Yeah like I came back to max because it had been something.



Yeah like I came back to max because it had been something. I am like 90% there xp shrewd and the last 10% will take a fraction of the time that it took me for 80-90% complete. I am gonna do it because I always wanted to, but now it is not about ranks or anything... Maybe not even the achievement, because it is so easy. It is literally just since I promised myself years ago.I do not understand how new RuneScape Gold   players possess an feeling of achievement. I literally played private servers like 2008 that took longer to progress than it requires in the true game today.Go play OSRS if you don't need a Runescape that tries interesting new items, rather than simply more of the same. These kinds of posts are so fucking whiny like if you aren't enjoying Runescape game only quit playing.

What's encouraged you to have a long break from Runescape in the past?

At this time I'm taking a rest for a couple reasons. I feel burned out and unmotivated after a few hard grinding for a few months, I achieved a large goal I've had for quite a while (99 slayer) and yeah it was a bit surreal but after that I dropped a great deal of motivation to playwith. I could not find a target I cared about as much as that. After I offered my bank from I purchased the remainder and vorkath gear I went on a merch. This merch has done poorly so far but I expect it to become much better within a month or two. Coming back to, hopefully and taking a rest for a couple of months, money in will be a lot nicer than actively playing and I had that cash.

In the past fractures are to do with real life. Maybe I got a girlfriend I go on vacation which breaks the attachment to RS Mobile gold   match, I got my banned after. I also took a break after getting 99 con, I know it's fast but I basically did it for 5 days straight and it's so intensive I felt burnt out to the point I basically thought I was done with Runescape match for sure. Gave everything away.what and deleted my lender have been your motives and why?


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