PvPers Can Destroy Runescape Players to Get

The reason PvP is lifeless on RuneScape Gold 3, is because when they die, people don't want to lose things.



The reason PvP is lifeless on RuneScape Gold   3, is because when they die, people don't want to lose things. The wilderness is indeed dead in fact that you now have PvPers messaging people in Max Guild or even Nex Bank which they're quitting and want to trade their lender into them, this is part of a lure that makes people lose all their items if they fall for this. They do this since most PvPers are poisonous and covetous, and since there isn't anybody to PvP in the wilderness. They make the neighborhood look bad to fresh Runescape players.

It's time for a change. Add a wilderness tote that stores all wilderness drops in it, and we need to remove the passing mechanics of this wilderness.

PvPers can destroy Runescape players to get their wilderness looting bags, but things on your inventory and worn equipment are always secure. Instead of monster loot falling on the floor, it spawns the wilderness looting tote in the ground or your stock if your inventory is complete together with the items inside it. The bag might simply be opened in a safe zone, and is dropped on death. Bags when picked up will probably unite into a single bag, until it is 28 limit is full then you can have another bag to store drops in.

This would make the wilderness more active, and PvP more fun for people who do not abuse the system set up as it stands today (you know who you are). It would also mean they could add the wilderness and bosses new unique monsters and drops. I believe making wilderness PvP safer will make it greedy and toxic, and gain the community considerably. It'll remove lurers out of Runescape game completely while keeping fun and fulfilling Runescape participant versus Runescape participant interactions.Also for people who like using wilderness death mechanics to Buy OSRS Gold Sale reduce degradable gear like achto, or tectonic, just make it so when you high alch those items you get the equivalent you'd have gotten in the wilderness by expiring, or add a new ability like disassemble that does it but doesn't give elements.


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